KRONNOS Concentric Time


Personal work. Kronnos Concentric Time is a fictional brand. All rights reserved.

The Kronnos Concentric Time watch is designed for the young at heart and the creative soul. Being a teen, an adult, or a senior doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you as a dreamer embrace your dreams to a point where you find the ways to make them your reality at any age in your life. And this is the watch design conceived to portray the unique, simple and spirited mind.

The Kronnos Concentric Time was entirely created in a digital/virtual environment and most of its components like case, movement cover, buckle, holders, crown, dial discs with hands, and straps are all 3D printed using aluminum and premium silicone. The contemporary aesthetic is complimented with tinted crystals and the Superluminova (glow-in-the dark) technology of the arabic hour markers and hands.

The Kronnos Concentric Time’s movement design enabled the creation of curved concentric discs with integrated hands which brought a unique and customizable dial together. Thanks to the additive manufacturing processes here applied, materials, textures and colors can be customized to order and costs kept competitive.

The Kronnos Concentric Time is meant for the online purchasing where customers configure their watches and get through the electronic buying steps until delivery. It is a made to order process avoiding production inventory and fixed retail costs.

Brushed aluminum case and dial / yellow crystal / blue strap

Tinted crystals.

Brushed aluminum case and dial / green crystal / brown strap

Creator’s mark on movement cover.

Brushed aluminum case and dial / blue crystal / grey strap

Curved concentric discs with integrated hands.

Brushed aluminum case and dial / red crystal / anthracite strap

3D printed aluminum and premium silicone components.

Brushed aluminum case and graphite anodized aluminum dial / clear crystal / green strap

Simple and effective aesthetic with a touch of boldness.

Brushed aluminum case and graphite anodized aluminum dial / clear crystal / purple strap

Superluminova (glow-in-the dark) technology.

Graphite anodized aluminum case / white anodized aluminum dial / clear crystal / light grey strap.

Additive manufacturing and recyclable materials.

Graphite anodized aluminum case / gold anodized aluminum dial / clear crystal / gold strap.

Lasting technology adds value.

Empowering customer choice can lead to unique outcomes.

The watch of the young hearted.

Ageless shapes and graphics add value.

The watch of the creative soul.

Customizable colors, textures and materials.