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The Bourbon Whisky Booth is a unique packaging / gift set design exclusively created for Maker’s Mark in Kentucky. It is meant to celebrate the well known bourbon whisky brand and its traditions by giving loyal customers an extremely refined set which they can get as a memorable present and display as a connoisseur’s collection item. The Bourbon Whisky Booth was 3D digitally developed using Alias and portrays main architectural features found at the Maker’s Mark factory buildings as the way to represent the brand’s values and its history.

The Bourbon Whisky Booth. Cheers!

As you take the Maker's Mark bourbon whisky bottle off you have access to a set of two coasters inside a ramekin which display the SIV symbol reinforcing the brand to the customer.

By removing the red coasters from the frosted glass ramekin you find out that they are made of wax, actually the same red wax used to seal the Maker's Mark bourbon whisky bottles. It is a unique and practical way of celebrating the Maker's Mark heritage and commitment to quality established with the dipping process.

The Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky Booth is a compelling gift set that can certainly stand out on any shelf or display and invite the unpretentious customers to know more about the history of the brand and its values. It is a gifting experience empowered by its components and details like the red window shutters with the bourbon whisky bottle cut outs or the railing on the top of the booth resembling the distillery bridge that leads to the still house.

The Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky Booth may also address seasonal, limited or commemorative bourbon whisky bottles with different exterior color combinations applied to the wood booth helping attract a wider range of customers. And as accents and care about details are added, like the brushed metal door hinges, knob, latch, and all the clear acrylic pieces on the windows and door as well, the brand is brought to life, telling customers that Maker's Mark is a premium and sophisticated bourbon whisky brand that really cares about the value and quality of its products.

This ad concept is meant to present the Bourbon Whisky Booth as a refined gift and also to remember the savvy advertisement campaigns with their powerful slogans released by Maker's Mark over the years.

All the Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky Booth gift set pieces were 3D digitally designed, modeled, rendered and animated with Autodesk Alias. The entire design concept focuses on acknowledging the history and the values of the Maker's Mark Brand.

The Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky Booth gift set was 3D digitally designed, modeled, rendered and animated with Autodesk Alias as previously mentioned. The entire design concept is focused on attracting customers to the Maker's Mark brand and empowering their gifting experience. Note: The whisky glass and snacks portrayed in this animation are for illustrative purposes only.